Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 16, May 27th

Another amazing day. KP rebuilt my bike on his own time. There was no grease in the wheel bearings and the wheels were bent so the brakes rubbed. He says it will be a lot easier to ride now. He game me some extra spokes and a new chain. This man has gone way past what could be expected as has Troy, the owner.

I spent the day moving my axle forward so that the tongue weight is easier on the bike. I had fun.
Troy came and introduced his fiancee and we all went and took a look at Laura. He and his intended moved the house to a place on their lawn so I would be more comfortable. It was fun watching Laura move.
Jennifer kept checking in with me today. She wants me to have a safe journey. If we needed a new bike she told me I would have to spray paint it so it was ugly or it would be stolen. I found a way to do that so in the end the spray paint would come off. There is an undercoat.
Deseret News (Morgan) called again today for more information. I'm really starting to believe this journey is important. Everyday is filled with joy. When the day is over I get to call my family. It's time for that now. I head east tomorrow.

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