Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 15, May 26th

Got up and hauled the house out of the ditch and started walking. The road to Vernal is "up." Somebody was concerned and asked the police to make sure I was alright. She was a state trooper who used to work in Logan. Nice lady. After an endless walk, I got to the view area above Vernal. There I met a fellow who was from Finland. Nice fellow that does research at one of the colleges, I believe. I cleaned up the view area before I left.
Made it to town just in time to receive $20 from a lady. I went to a restaurant and the owner brought me a water. Later he charged me half price for my meal. I cleaned his tables off and swept the restaurant.
I arrived at the bike shop, which is closed, and out came KP. He gave me a place to park and went right to work on my house wheels. He will put a bike together tomorrow. The Lord looks after me.


  1. Hello from Finland! You are meeting all kinds of people! Amazing. Enjoy the world. There are nice people from everywhere and we are certainly a melting pot. Wishing the wind be mainly with you from across the pond!

  2. Hey David this is Brian Cristiani, we worked together many times when I was a kid my mom is Carin with the elephants, I wanted you to know that I'm following your journey and sending you good thoughts and wishes always, it sounds like an amazing adventure filled with special people and experiences , may god bless you and guid you. Brian.

  3. You Are An Inspiration! God Bless You On Your Journey! Love And Miss You! Sarah And Devin Chandler.

  4. Captain Circus/Cannonball Smith-- I remember firing you for a month or so, a month or so ago . . . can't tell you how many times I've wondered where/how/what happened to you over the intervening years. Good to see you haven't changed all that much . . . God bless and keep you on your journey, as He always has!
    Bruce the Clown