Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 3 & 4, May 14th & 15th

Today I tried the sail brakes. On a given slope they will let me reach a certain speed. It felt good to feel them working. Much of the day the wind was at my back. The sails are a help.
Had a little dizziness today so I got a hamburger. No more dizziness. I'm learning about this life. A lady stopped ahead of me and gave me $10, then she gave me another $20. I had the biggest most caloric thing Subway had to offer. I crave calories. The body quits without them.
Sardine Canyon seems like weeks ago. At the rate I'm going I'll be out of the Rockies in a month. I talked with a fellow today. I have to go over a pass in Colorado that starts at 4000 ft and goes to 10,000+ ft. I'll probably die there. I've gone up Weber Canyon headed for Heber.
I got some special tubes for the house wheels in Ogden this morning. I travelled from 10am to 7pm today. Sleep will be good. This is where I stayed in Morgan, Utah.
I am resting on day 4, May 15th.

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