Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 2, May 13th

Made 22 miles so far today. It is 5:00pm, so traffic is bad in Ogden, Utah. I'm at a Fresh Market parking lot leaning against a light pole. Nice and sunny and warm.
I was pedaling along and I saw, at the edge of a field, that a large pipe had broken so I took a shower. Paul, my father-in-law, stopped and asked me if I needed anything. Nice to have family. 
I went a ways farther and a nice lady, Julie Milton, pulled me over and was happy with my journey. Later I had a flat tire. I was laying down beside the house at one point so someone reported and injured or dead man. When I got back with the tire 3 police cars and an ambulance were there. The tire was still flat so the police took me to get it fixed and one car stayed there and watched my stuff (the Harrisville police). They were very nice.
As I was writing this days doings a fellow stopped and showed me the best way to get to highway 40. The Lord takes good care of me. Without that fellow's directions I would have gone way out of my way. Not much energy today.
I decided to have dinner (mixed vegetables, chicken, and powerade). I have 4 seagulls to share with. I think one of them said, "Is this cardboard?" I ended up at a church and got a wipe down bath and did some laundry in the sink. Did 22 miles today.

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