Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 9, May 20th

Slept great last night. I spread one of those thin metal blankets over my sleeping bag and I was toasty. I'm ready to roll. 
Had some issues with my toes yesterday. They was arguing or something. Cleaned them up and trimmed them and put vaseline on them. I believe they will get along better today. 
The way I push the bike, one leg groweth, and the other does not. I'm going to look like a one legged popeye pretty soon.
I'd better get breakfast going and get on the road. Looks like my hand found scrambled eggs with ham. Ummm.
I'm stuck for the time being. The grade is steep and I've been fighting a head wind all day. The wind has picked up so that I cannot make progress. I've backed Laura off the road. I'll wait for the wind to diminish. She's a rocking, but I believe she's safe for now. Sitting here for a while, I'm glad I stopped. This wind would have blown me back down the hill. I'm sitting with my back to Laura, keeping her from twisting. I'm glad I stopped. I've made 3 miles in 4 1/2 hours so far. No riding, all pulling.
I was back at it for some time when a fellow (Lee) stopped. He offered to haul me over the summit. Instead I accepted a Milkyway candy and asked him to call my wife when he got to civilization. Such a nice fellow. He offered me gloves. We discussed the grade on the other side and decided I'd need a drag. Later his daughter and family arrived with two old tires for my drag.
Keven, who visited with me yesterday, arrived when I was 3 miles from the summit and was getting ready to call it a day. He was concerned about a series of tight curves ahead with no shoulder and tandem oil trucks descending. He took me to have a look and we decided I could easily cause an accident there. We put the bike in his truck and I held on to Laura from the tailgate and we got past the bad area.
Later, when I was a ways down the other side, Lee's kids arrived with the tires. What a great family.
A Mrs. Barns turned around and gave me some water. If I need anything, I'm to stop when I get to Hanna. Kevin brought me two bananas for potassium. We may celebrate my birthday together when I get to Hanna. 
I had a good meal and am ready to sleep. Nine hours of pushing today. I'm holding up well. Wish I could talk to my family. Still no phone service. Four or five feet of snow beside the road, but not very cold. Only partially froze the water.

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