Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 1, May 12th

Left home about 8am. Got to my parking spot in Perry about 5:30pm. It's raining. sounds nice on the roof.
I made 28 miles today. One 5 mile stretch took me 5 1/2 hours to traverse. When I saw the 7 miles downhill sign, I thought I'd gone to heaven. Are all the slopes downhill in heaven? That 7 miles was done on wet pavement. That worried me at first, but the bakes did well. I even stopped to talk to two people on that slope. One had a flat tire and the other was just curious. Nice fellow. He gave me four bottles of orange juice. Probably saved my bacon. I was mighty thirsty.
My body did well. Both legs still work and I didn't exhale either of my lungs. I've had a little rest and some chicken so I'm good to go. Laura (the house) wasn't a bit of help. She just hung back there and enjoyed being pulled. I don't see that she has any damage.
Wayne Norman slowed down and waved as he went by. Nice to see a familiar face. Got texts and calls from several of the kids. I have a great family.
Almost forgot. Two young men stopped and pushed me two or three hundred feet. Nice kids. No blisters.
This is a picture of where I stopped for the first night.

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