Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 14, May 25th

We have a day with little sun. Nice and cloudy with a gentle breeze. It was a good day for my rear wheel to self destruct. It works fine for walking, but the spokes have given up the ghost. Got about 20 more miles of walking into Vernal. There is a bike shop there called the Altitude Bike Shop. Tomorrow is Memorial Day, but maybe they will be open.
I'm having a siesta at the moment. Had a nice peanut butter and honey sandwich and some cool water. How can you beat that?
I found 35 cents on the road today and a fellow pulled over and gave me $20. He gave me the news that I had a 15 mile walk ahead of me. Oh well. One step at a time and I'll get there. Saw another lizard. This desert is a zoo. I'm going to go crawl under a bull dozer and take a nap.
Lofty thought:
I have a lot of time to consider life's perplexities as I put one foot in front of another all day long. Consider the case of the itch. The average itch does not require immediate scratching. If ignored some screaming and flailing of the limbs may occur but mental illness will not occur. No permanent damage may be expected. A major itch however, one that will throw a person on the ground and cause gnashing of teeth much like those in the Bible that had devils cast out, if one even considers postponement is still a question to me. I am forced on a daily basis to ignore the average itch. I fear what might occur if a major itch cometh. Will I just leap off the mountain? I hope this information is helpful.
The rains came and this little pig got his house onto a flat spot and got inside as fast as he could. I changed into dry clothes and made a sandwich for dinner. Nice to hear the rain on the roof and the thunder over yonder. Eight more miles to Vernal.
10:10pm comes around and there is a call from outside, "Are you in there bud?" I open up and it's a fellow named Rex. "I just thought you'd like a hot dinner. Jesus does love us." He had a pizza for me. this journey is turning out to be so good for so many people. I feel so privileged to be making it.

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