Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 7, May 18th, Sunday

Got some miles out and came to a church in Oakley. Went in for services. Met Jane and Mark Davis. What remarkable parents they are. I met two of their children (Claire and Christian). They are accomplished musicians at 13 and 19. I just finished a sandwich Mrs. Davis made me for "later". 
Road to Woodland and got permission to park in the grass beside a driveway. The sun is going down and it's windy. I did 14 miles today. Tomorrow I start up Wolf Mountain on 35 out of Francis. I may loose phone reception for a few days. I think it is about 70 miles to the next town. That might be 4 or 5 days for me in this country. I'm just guessing. Looking forward to the solitude. My wind and my pedalers are getting stronger.
Everybody has been nice on my journey. Met some nice people at the Davies who emailed a picture home for me. I can't remember a name. The people here brought a complete meal of ribs, salad, potatoes, and rolls. People are great. As a closing note, a nice but rather intoxicated lady stopped to say I was welcome anytime. She gave me several motherly pats to assure me I was welcome. Then she drove away. I hope she makes it to where she is going.

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