Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 11, May 22nd, Birthday (72 years)

Woke up to the birds singing and a nice day. Did my laundry and shaved. Breakfast is a banana and peanut butter and orange juice. Pat and Laurie were the nice ladies that put me up for the night somewhere near the junction of 87 and state road 35.
Came down into Duchesne from 35 on 87. All downhill, no shoulder, many trucks, scary.
When you start a journey, you have certain reasons. As you go along that number changes. If I succeed I hope the journey will be an encouragement to people. Life itself is a series of parts. When I look at the 3000+ miles to go it seems impossible. However, I can do a mile. Some people can't face tomorrow. Maybe it is best to put tomorrow off and deal with today. Let tomorrow take care of itself. There is a scripture that deals with this.
Another thought is that an act can change things. Maybe my journey will make some problem somebody has be more doable. So this journey is not just for me. It is for you too. An act can change things, any act.
I'm sitting in a field of dirt. I ran out of energy. I'll rest a spell and then go on. Maybe the wind will favor me later.
Got back on the road and stretched my distance to more than 30 miles. I'm learning to function in this traffic. I feel okay about being on 40.
Made it to Myton, a town about 15 miles out of Roosevelt. Had a nice talk with a police officer who was going to make sure I made it up the coming hill if I chose to do it at night. Said I was parked fine and could even have a fire if I wanted. I'm bushed, so I'm going right to bed.


  1. Dave, it's Cody from the 18th (the ribs night). Looks like you're making good time, and getting along. Glad you were warm over the pass:) I'll be checking in on you. God speed:)

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  3. Happy late birthday dad. LOVE YOU

  4. Richard was saying how fun it would be to run into, well not actually run into you hahaha, on the road sometime. I'll have to keep track of your route. You are making pretty good progress considering the terrain. Not an easy task all those grades

  5. Happy Birthday Papa Smith reading about your journey daily Sending Prayers to you but sounds like you are running into Wonderful people !! Little Christine From George Carden that cooked mexican food for you!!! =)

  6. It's amazing to hear all the support from random people along your journey. After reading your blog , I decided to go out and give money to a homeless man. Your story has made me want to he much more charitable. It's not a journey cross country, but it's a start ;)

  7. God speed

    God speed Dave the day I met you I thought you where a great man, that was at your house in Mo. I'm Robbie's aunt. You have probably changed a lot of people along your way and that is wonderful be safe.