Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 6, May 17th

Sunny day. I'm having bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast. Police visited last night but let me stay. I had a very good nights sleep. Heading into Coalville for groceries, water, and information as to the best route to Heber. I'm starting at 94 miles.
What a nice day. People were helpful all day long. One young man caught up to me after he got off work at the grocery store where I made purchases. People in the front yard went for water and money to help on my journey. Some bikers from Ogden saved me from an extra hill with a better route and a little money as well.
When I got to the end of my day I arrived in Peoa, Utah. They gave permission to stay in the park and my neighbor for the night (Kelly) fixed me dinner. We had a good conversation. She lived in a teepee for 2 years. She will email pictures home.
I made 20 miles today, half push half ride. It was a good days work. My window looks out over a mountain and I can still hear the robins singing or arguing perhaps. I have some horses for my neighbors on the other side. Life is great. I thank the Lord for mine. It's a half a day bike ride to a grocery store from Peoa. 
I was strong all day, but 20 miles seems about all I can do for the shape I'm in. Tomorrow?? I talk to the wife and some of the kids everyday. I'm at 114 miles. Great sunset this evening. 
P.S. Kelly is an artist and gave me a special set of cards. They are the Golden Rule story starter cards. Twenty-two hand drawn images to color. Each accompanied by an historical quote. I feel like she gave me a part of her life. I will treasure it.

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