Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 5, May 16th

Left Morgan, Utah early and rode/walked to the Devil's Slide on I-84. Took a picture. The devil must have a hard hind end.
I'm traveling along a river. When the semi-trucks have gone by it is quiet except for the soft sounds of the current and occasionally the soft rattle of the quakies in the wind. There is a lot of what I think are cottonwoods. Hold it. Four deer walked up. All does, no bucks. What a wonderful country we have. There are pines or firs along the river and higher up. 
I'm sitting on the ground in front of my bicycle eating a peanut butter sandwich with my wife's homemade bread. Hard to beat that.
Yesterday I decorated Laura and the bike with reflector stuff given by a fellow and his daughter. We look like a Christmas tree.
A crane flew by. He looks so lazy with his long legs dragging. I'm the only one here at the view area. 

I put a walmart bag on my seat and have had no soreness. Maybe that's a biking solution?
Laura just floats along behind me. I cooked two meals today. There were no stores in two towns (Hennifer and Echo). 
Took a bath tonight in a reservoir. Felt great. I'm parked about 30 feet from a frontage road. The sun is about down and I'm sleepy. Good night.

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