Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 13, May 24th

Had a good nights sleep. Got up and had a hose bath and did my laundry. Ate the two eggs that Steve brought me. Sacked out the rest of the day. I'll leave tonight when it cools down. Heat is going to be a big factor on this journey.

Having trouble deciding how best to go over the Colorado Rockies. a wrong decision could mean a week of pushing. 
I'll call Reed Baldwin and see if he has family in Vernal, Utah. Maybe I could get on their computer and learn something.
There is a little ground squirrel that peeks at me from behind things. I found a little cup laying about and filled it with water for him. What will he think when he discovers "Lake Cup?" 
I'm tempted to go this evening but my body is still tired. Believe I'll go in the morning. The Deseret News called a while ago. It would be good for the meaning of my journey if they did a story.
Tomorrow is Sunday. I doubt I'll make 25 miles in time for church.
I went through my things and decided I needed only 2 pair of pants and shirts and 3 pair of socks. The rest I will leave behind.
I fixed my hat so it won't blow off. Used a shoestring. I put Vaseline on and between my toes. Seems to help.
Steve has a bunch of animals I've enjoyed visiting with them during my stay. Spent some time cleaning up trash in the yard today during which time I saw a lizard. A lizard sighting is a pleasant event for me. There is a humming bird that is fascinated with the disks that hang from my flags. Maybe they are flying saucers to him.
Just had a visit from two little kids (6-7). Very polite and full of questions.
It's 9:00pm and Steve's people just brought me dinner. The world's a great place.

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