Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 12, May 23rd

Woke up to rain on the roof. That's a great sound. It quit after a few minutes, so I probably won't be running in the rain. I'm going to get breakfast and get on the road.
I did 14 miles before I realized I needed a rest. I looked down a dirt driveway and I could see chickens. There was a llama in a far pen. Wondering if there was a place for me, I went down and met Steve. He gave me a banana an some sunscreen and a place in an open hay barn out of the sun. He said he'd bring me some farm fresh eggs later. I'm parked and have found an arm chair and an old container that when upside down makes a nice table. I already have a friendly dog for my companion. I'm way off the highway so it's quiet.
Steve rides a big motorcycle and is covered with tattoos. He gave me everything he could.
When I went to the grocery store earlier, a Christian lady with two of her grandchildren came and the little boy offered a stick of gun. The little girl (7 years old about) offered a candy. The lady gave me $30.
When I woke up this morning, there was $5 on my bike. When I came out of the library there was an orange on my bike. The world is full of fine folk.
Steve just returned with an Arby's sandwich for me. Steve's place has many treasures. He sees value in most everything like me. It's an interesting place to wander in. Fire ants are the main predator here. They are not in my immediate area however.
When I was traveling today, I came across a prairie dog town. I haven't seen one of those for years. I stopped and watched for a while. I was tempted to get out my string and catch one. I resisted. It would be more of a pain for the prairie dog than it would be fun for me.
It is interesting to me how I've changed over the years. As a youngster I had no idea about animals and their feeling. I killed what I could kill. Now I rescue bugs and don't kill flies. To me, every life enjoys a warm day just like I do. Everything wants to see their tomorrows. I wish they understood I will not harm them. It would be fun to pet the deer and hold the prairie dogs.
Steve just returned with some fruit for me. "What ye do for the least of these you do for me."
It is about 6:30 and very peaceful here. Steve is moving about the place feeding his animals. He asked that I respect them. He doesn't kill anything he doesn't have to. I'm looking forward to talking with him tomorrow. Such a charitable fellow.
I wanted to mention that a Christian motorcycle rider by the name of Jimmy O'Lexy stopped and offered help and encouragement a few days ago.

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  1. It was amazing to meet and hear about your journey Mr. Smith. I pray for your safe travels and have a lot of respect for what your doing. Keep pushing on!