Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day 39, June 19th

Gave Laura to Chris. He is excited about his life with a roof over his head. 
It was raining last night and he slept on the pavement under a projection from a building with some other homeless folk. I saw Laura for the last time when I passed her at midnight on my way to the bus depot.
The journey is over. I'm going home. I didn't get to South Carolina as I'd planned. That was biting off more than I could chew. I did make it over the Rockies though, 630 miles, and I know Laura and her "Jesus Loves Us" sign affected a lot of people. They told me so. I feel sort of like a running back on a football team who was given the ball and headed for the end zone. I gave it all I had but the linebacker took me out at the 10 yard line. Maybe there will be another time. We will see. I think the linebacker's name was solitude. Meeting wonderful people and then losing them so quickly left me very much alone. I think that was what I could not overcome in the end. My achilles heel as it were. 
On a lighter note, I learned something about Colorado. There is no level spot. Every downhill is followed by an uphill which may or may not be in this galaxy. Thanks so much for traveling with me. And a special thanks to all the wonderful people that stopped and helped and called and kept me in their prayers. I wouldn't have missed meeting you for anything. You are the salt of the earth. God Bless.

Day 38, June 18th

Pedaled and pushed to 5280 ft and onto Greeley, Colorado. Met Joe today. He is a man that fed me and parked me in the shade. A 21st century good samaritan. He found out where I could find the homeless. Very helpful. 
Found some homeless. I am parked at the Salvation Army. It is raining out and I'm in my home. The homeless have gone to wherever they go. I'm glad I'm not wrapped in a tarp in the middle of a field tonight like one of my new friends, Greg. I met a fellow today who is taking care of a sick lady. He left a while ago carrying all they own over his shoulder. I wonder how they deal with this storm. As these people let me share their lives a little, I find myself changing. I'm so happy I have a family, a place out of the weather, food to eat, and adequate clothing.
Funny thing from when I was in Fort Collins. A lady there, Elizabeth by name, pointed at her bag and told me all she owns is there. She had named her bag Wayne just like I named the house Laura. She was pleased the house had a name.  
These are some of my new friends.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 37, June 17th (Fort Collins)

Starting late 7:00am. Going to get a blueberry muffin and orange juice for breakfast. Made it to Fort Collins by 12:00 and had some breakfast at the Forever Open Restaurant. I stop here whenever I'm in Fort Collins.
The Rocky Mountain phase is finished.
I had an amazing day. Traveling through Fort Collins I saw a lady with a shopping cart and asked her if she was homeless. She had a board in her cart that was her bed. This particular person was bitter and had a list of complaints. I went to the library and met 4 other homeless people who had accepted their lot in life. I went to the mission with them for dinner.
They are very polite and thoughtful people. They just couldn't make it with normal life. Sharing and compassion could fix things for them. A lot of people looked Laura over. They were amazed. Laura wouldn't work for anyone in that town. They couldn't hide her. 
I'm 2-3 miles out of town on 14 headed for Ault. I'm going to try for 30 miles tomorrow. My introduction to the plains has been uphill with the wind in my face. Not too encouraging.

Day 36, June 16th (down toward the plains)

Pushed and pedaled more than 30 miles today. As the elevation lowers I'm able to breathe better and work harder. For an all downhill run there sure are a lot of ups. 23 miles to go. I'm looking at about a 1 mile pusher to begin the day tomorrow. Kimberly sent me a message that had the new baby's voice on it. Amazing.
I have good muscles now instead of string attachments. Lookout Dave and Russ. No more take downs. How can I get new muscles at 72?

Day 35, June 15th

Today we have 3 strikes against us. Horrible traffic meant little riding and a lot of walking. I made 11 miles this morning before stopping to eat. While eating the winds came. Poor Laura shutters with the gusts. We could be stuck here for the rest of the day. We have another 11 miles to the state line and a short but steep hill. Then I'm told it is mostly downhill to Fort Collins. We have been climbing all day. I had such good memories of 287 as all downhill. What happened? Was there an earthquake or something? Did the earth's plates shift? So how hard does it have to blow before Laura and me become a tumbleweed?
Sitting inside a refrigerator box there isn't much to do. No offense Laura. The wind sings but I'm not big on angry music. Especially when it huffs and puffs and tries to blow us away. It's a good thing I'm old. Sleeping is always good.
As I was pushing today and 17 thousand cars and trucks per minute were flying by, it occurred to me that perhaps David is to be taught a very important lesson in the near future. Is this journey the mountain he will fail to climb? The handling of defeat. Is this what I'm to learn? This is an interesting idea to me. If it is worth learning, I welcome it. We will see. Then I took another step and thought about other things. This journey was never about me. It didn't take me long to learn that. It is about the Jesus sign on Laura and the response it invokes in people. Such an opportunity it is for people to make a choice. So many people have chosen to stop and help. I'm doing so they learn something about themselves. They are wonderful. Those that go on by I believe move closer to stopping and helping someone next time. This thought has been my motivation. If it was just about me this whole thing is probably pretty pointless, even to myself. I don't have much rooster left in me, not much to prove on a personal level. So far it has been a great experience riding for Jesus as it were. I hope you are enjoying riding along with me. Then there is the hungry and homeless question. 
A biker just stopped and told me the wind is bad until I get to the top of the hill. 11 miles to go. I'll have to wait until the wind abates for Laura's sake. Maybe this evening I can get a few miles closer.

Day 34, June 14th (Laramie, Wyoming)

Made it down the grade. The drag was fun. Sometimes I didn't have to use the brakes at all. Made about 33 miles today. Got to Laramie about 1:30 and found a Mexican Restaurant. When I finished my meal they said, "no charge" and even made me a package dinner. I'm at the Moose Club, a family fraternity. I can stay the night if I want. When people see the little house with "Jesus Loves Us" on it, it seems to bring out the best in them. People are wonderful. When I was in Steamboat Springs I was thinking how nice it would be to have a lawn chair. Today I found a nice lawn chair beside the road. Much better than sitting on the ground.

Day 33, June 13th

Somehow I arrived at the Wycolo Grill. The sign at Walden said 32 miles to the state line. I'm into Wyoming a little after noon and most of the way was push. I don't see how I could have covered that distance but here I am. The wind helped me up the hills today. They were very strong and in my favor. It's about 8 miles to the summit then we have about 8 miles of 7-8% down grade I'm told. A problem I guess will be solved tomorrow. I'll leave the grill in a couple hours. It is very hot out. Climbing today I saw 3 deer and a little ground squirrel came out of his hole about 6 feet away and looked me over. At one point I was looking down at an eagle soaring above a valley just like Jennifer Castle saw in my book. She is as real to me as my own Jennifer. I'd encourage everyone to make new friends by writing stories.
The wind is whistling outside and the trees are leaning. Laura's out of the wind next to the restaurant.
The pine trees smell good up here. I passed a road repair crew today and gave the flagman my rat tail chair. I showed him how it attaches around his waist so that he can just sit down whenever he likes His rules say he can't use it on the job, but he wanted it for fishing.
Hoppy is feeling better today. I think he has decided to dig a little deeper and let the miles ahead come as they will. We will see.
I thought about Grant Norman's daughter today. It would have been fun to have her along. I could have given her a bull whip and whenever I slowed down she could have let me have a good one. We'd probably be across the plains by now.
The truth be known the sign at the beginning of the downgrade reads 6 miles of 7% grade. So I built a drag. A few miles before the downgrade a fellow provided a car tire. I worked my knife through this tire. I found some barbed wire, a stick, and a Kipper snack can. I padded the stick with the can and ran the wire through the tire and around the padded stick. On the outside of the tire I made a loop to which I attached my rope which is attached to Laura. I ran a stick through the tire and wired it in place. The stick will probably wear out, but not for a while. It will save the back side of the tire for a while hopefully and force wear on the front of the tire until the stick wears out. So goes the plans of mice and men. Tomorrow will tell the tale.
It's hard to love mosquitos. There are a billion of them.

Day 32, June 12th

Hop-a-long had a bad night last night. I think he must have looked back at Sodom as it were and was discouraged about how far we had to go. At the restaurant he asked the waiters if there were any homeless in Walden. She called a man with answers. Wonderful man offered to follow us and be an encouragement clear to Laramie. Rick Cornelison is his name. He offered to buy Hop-a-long's breakfast. When we got out on the road Hop-a-long was feeling glum when a biker came by and stopped. His last name is McCulloch. He gave us bike maps and had ridden from North Carolina himself. He told Hop-a-long he was going to love Kansas. The man was 65 years old and very encouraging. Hoppy perked up. God's hand was there for sure.
P&J and nap time. Made 8 miles so far. Lost some clothes in the wind. Some people went and got them for me. They were very pleased to be able to do that.
The Medicine Horse family (Andrew, Lauren, Tristin and Mikayla) stopped and visited. Had a great conversation. Such nice people. They were coming back from basketball camp. They're from Grand Junction, Colorado.
I'm parked for the night in a flat spot beside the road. The mosquitos and I have an understanding. They stay outside. I have not injured one mosquito and they have not injured me. Saw my second moose this evening.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 31, June 11th (Walden)

Slept in until 7:00, gathered my laundry and shower things and headed for breakfast. Library opens at 10:00am so not in a hurry. Tired today like you are when you get somewhere you were pushing for. Maybe go this evening or maybe in the morning. 62 miles to Laramie with a pass in there somewhere. I'm assured it is nothing like Rabbit Ears. One step after another.
A thought: Does 'how we treat our neighbor' determine how our own life goes?
The fellow that brought me back to Laura after the snow storm had been homeless several times in his life. He made an interesting comment. He said that homeless people live minute to minute instead of day to day like the rest of us. Would that be kind of desperate?
I have a theory I'm working on. Because I've been helped by so many people could it be true that it is best to embrace ones neighbor instead of rejecting because he/she has problems. Don't we all have problems? I'm finding myself loving everyone more and more no matter what they are or look like; clean, unclean, nice, ornery whatever. I've lost the rooster in me. I can't be offended. I love people. This journey has been great for me.
I had a fun time at the laundry. I managed to get to be 72 and not know how to do my laundry. I went across the street to see if I could find help and the proprietor was gracious enough to sell me soap and then came over to start the process for me. She said she thought it was kind of cool that I made it through 72 years.

Day 30, June 10th

Twenty-seven miles to a hamburger. Been out a month and pretty much on schedule. One more mountain to go. The bikers were fun yesterday. Many assumed I just pedaled my way up that 7% grade with a 250lb trailer behind. I was called everything from hero to stud. I think everyone had fun with it. I probably inspired some to a better performance. After all they were only riding a bike.

¼ inch of ice on Laura at 6:00 this morning. Made 27 miles to Walden, Colorado. The Gonzales family set me up with parking. Had a nice hamburger for dinner. Beautiful country here. The elevation is 8900 ft. Surrounded by snow covered mountains. Reminds me of home. They had 2 ft of snow on Mother's Day. This town is the moose capital of Colorado. Storm coming in. Maybe snow in the morning. Mrs. Jenny Gonzales convinced me to go to Laramie, Wyoming from here. Much better shoulders on the roads in Wyoming. Will be 20 miles longer, but 287 out of Laramie to Fort Collins is all downhill as I remember. I will get a couple of car tires in Laramie to use for a drag. Might be a real comfortable trip with out much stress on the brakes. I can see an end to these mountains now. I love them, but they are tough to navigate.
A thought: Could 'how we treat our neighbor' be the yard stick God will use on judgement day?

Day 29, June 9th (off the mountain)

What a wonderful day today was. Woke up rested and thumbed a ride back to Laura. Nice fellow stopped and gave me some energy bars. When I got back to Laura there was a nice note from the Garcia family and a muffin and Gatorade waiting. The pushing today was short and the downhill long. Got in 16 miles. The whole day there was a bike tour coming at me on the opposite side of the road. Two thousand bikers. I didn't run out of company all day until I left 40 and headed to Walden on 14. Several bikers stopped to talk and give me money. A good easy day. Parked by the road for the night as usual. One more pass (10,000 ft) and the rest is downhill to Fort Collins. There the plains begin. Rabbit Ears Pass cost me a little fat.

Day 28, June 8th (the west summit of Rabbit Ears Pass)

Made it to the summit this morning.

Found the tire and water the Gonzales family left me and built a drag. Got about 50 feet and here came the rain. Now it is snowing. I'm warm and comfortable in my little house, but my phone is dead. Patience is a big part of this journey. I have plenty of food and water.
The snow was not heavy so I left the summit. The drag worked great but we soon ran out of downhill so I abandoned the drag. Pushing again. The snow turned to rain. My rain gear has a few holes. As I pushed I got back high enough for snow and it came heavy. Hands got cold and I was soaked. Had no dry clothes left so parked Laura and thumbed a ride back to Steamboat Springs. Riding back I can't believe I pushed Laura that far. One step at a time can really make some distance. The fellow that gave me a ride said this was a one day thing so I'll get a ride back in the morning. Got a sandwich at Subway and a room at the Steamboat Motel. Luxury is called a shower. It's great to be warm. I was worried about the bike brakes stopping Laura on wet pavement, but they did fine. Scraped 1/2 inch of snow off her at one point. Put the water bottles outside before I left in case it froze and burst in the house. I had no idea how long the storm would last. Maybe I should have stayed with Laura. Hop-a-long nearly passed out from cold and hunger. He was happy the second car stopped for us. A Christian man that did a mission in Africa saved our bacon. 

Day 27, June 7th (slowly up the mountain)

Got up at 5:00am and got my 2 miles of pushing in. I'm resting through the heat of the day. Talked with Russell, my son, who is making me an air conditioner for Laura. He put a blanket over a table in Missouri and was sitting in it talking to me in my little house on a mountain in Colorado. There is something amazing about that.
Got out about 100 yards this evening. I'm going to have to eat more. Hop-a-long comes up against a wall of no energy. Tomorrow is the last day of 7% grade. Hop-a-long doesn't enjoy 7% grades. I found some taffy Kevin gave me in Hanna, Utah. What a treat. Some people stopped to check on me today. They gave me water. I lassoed another road marker today.

Day 26, June 6th

Made almost 2 miles in 3 hours up this grade. There are no flat pull offs so far. I was getting weak from lack of food so I lassoed a metal marker and tied the house off to it. Made some lunch and am sitting under a bush for shade. Hope I can take a nap. 
Slept through the heat of the day and started again about 4:00pm.
Stopped about 5:00pm. Out of push. I think 2 miles of 7% grade is all Hop-a-long can do. Cooked some teriyaki chicken and rice. A chipmunk showed up for company. Beautiful little creature. It's about 7:00pm. I'm going to sleep.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 25, June 5th (Steamboat Springs, Colorado)

Had a nice nights sleep in a field in town. Moved down to a park to relax today. It is on an island between two rivers.
Very peaceful. The library is over a bridge from the park. Will send home the last of the high plains material. I'll start up the mountain tomorrow.
Amazing day. Stopped at a gas station and got an old tire to use as a drag.  Was stopped by a young lady who said she and her friends had seen me between Craig and Steamboat and they all thought I was the cutest thing they'd ever see.  I've reached that age: babies and ancient fellows. I went to Safeway for groceries and a fellow gave me 100 dollars.  Went to a gas station and a fellow gave me 5 dollars. Some workers came over and agreed to take my tire and 3 gallons of water to the summit and leave it by the sign there. Everyday they travel the road I'm going to take to the next town. They offered to put my stuff on their truck and take me there. It's nice to have backup. They gave me phone numbers and 20 dollars. They'll check on me. They are the Gonzales family.
So tell me people aren't wonderful. The gas station owner came out and said I could have anything in the store. I got 2 bottles of orange juice. Now I'm parked beside the road for the night. Start climbing in the morning.
A fellow came and wanted to tell me how Jesus had changed his life. He wanted to put a sticker for the church he was with on Laura. It's the Skateboard Church: a cross above a skateboard. It sits just below the Altitude Cycle sticker on my door.  Reflecting back on yesterday and the lady who told me about the Messianic Jews. Isn't that one of the signs of the times? It would need to happen before Jesus came again; the jews turning to Christ. What a journey I am having, we are having.
A young fox just wandered by (50 ft away). He just ignored me until the cars cleared and he could cross the highway. Beautiful animal with a white tipped tail.

Day 24, June 4th (Hayden, Colorado)

Had a banana, tuna fish, Reliv, and whey protein for breakfast. Been traveling for about 4 hours then found some shade and made a triple decker peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I'm looking down at the ? River that seems to be in near flood phase. Off in the distance are the windmills. I must face the snow capped Rockies of Colorado. In a few miles the high desert that has been my life for these many days will end. I'm excited. Maybe as excited as Don Quixote was. That will the high passes bring. Life is one big question. About 10-12 miles to Steamboat Springs. From there Hop-a-long and me will begin the climb.
Did you know that guard rails talk? They creak and pop quite often when I pass.
Got into Steamboat Springs, Colorado at about 6:00pm. Found the lady that a man in Maybell asked me to stop and see. She is his mother-in-law. What a wonderful lady. She is a Messianic Jew. I didn't know there was a group of Jews that had accepted Christ. She talked on about this group, the scriptures, and life for an hour or so. She must be in her 90's. I enjoyed so much listening. During this time she put on some Jewish music and got her tambourine and danced for the Lord. Before I left, she gave me juice and some type of blessing. What a great person to meet. She was happy that I stopped. So was I. 

Day 23, June 3rd

Lazy morning, having a banana and tuna fish in bed (5:51am).
People see me day after day and the number of honks in increasing. Some fellow said he saw me in Roosevelt, to which he commutes daily. I'm sort of a fixture on the highway. People recognize me in restaurants. Roosevelt is 3 1/2 hours from Craig by car.
Went to the visitor's center and learned more about my ride over the mountains and across the plains. Hwy 34 and 36 have good shoulders across the plains.
Went to Mom and Pops Barbecue in Craig. Ordered a milk shake and somebody said, "I'll cover that." He gave me 5 dollars too. The owners made me dinner free. Somebody stopped this morning to give me another 5 dollars.
Made 28 miles today. Getting tired so I'll be stopping soon. Following a river so might have a mosquito or two to deal with. Equipment is doing well. Probably due to KP and Troy at Altitude Bike in Vernal, Utah. Vernal seems a long time ago. One step after another.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 22, June 2nd

Hop-a-long had a little cramping last night so decided to leave Maybell at 3:00 instead of 9:30 or so. I'd have to stop at 12:00 or 1:00 because of the heat. The zipper self destructed in one shoe so using tape for now. 31 miles to Craig, Colorado. Decisions to make there concerning route. No phone service here.
Marla, the librarian at Maybell, helped me a lot with what Rabbit Ears Pass is going to be like. She sent pictures home for me. Great lady.
Made 18 riding miles and have 12 more to Craig, Colorado.

Day 21, June 1st

I wrote some books a while back. Getting up in the morning it's odd how often I think of the characters in that series. They are very real to me. Getting up for them must have been much like getting up for me on my journey.
A man that stopped yesterday, stopped again today. He needed to talk about God and did so for a while. I listened and he left feeling good. He have me 10 dollars.
Had an issue with the rear wheel on the bike heating up. the trailer wheels look like the brakes are hard on them. One day at a time. About 9-10 miles to Maybell. The tail wind was so strong today. I had to hold Laura back even while climbing at times.
Got into Maybell and went to the grocery and then to the restaurant. Had a huge hamburger and a milk shake. They said no charge. Went to get a shower at the park and a fellow paid for everything. Another man saw me and my Jesus sign and went home. There he decided he needed to come and talk. Turns out he took a homeless person into his home for 7 months until the person died. He gave me money as well. During the day a couple turned around and came back to give me money. A small girl and a smaller boy came and gave me all the change they'd earned from selling clay fish. They visited for a while. Their grandfather has cancer. I gave the little girl 10 dollars for her grandpa to buy her a gift and asked her to be sure and tell her grandpa that she gave me her fish money. It should make him happy to have such thoughtful grandchildren.
Sun has gone down as I think I'll go to bed. Post Office opens at 9:30am, so I'll send home what I haven't. Made 20 miles today. Laura's a little chubby so I'm going to walk her down hills and save the brakes. She can handle gentle slopes. The world's full of great people. Saw another prong horned antelope today.

Day 20, May 31st

6:00am and time to get going. How do I describe this high desert country? It is so green now, grass and bush, so healthy of an appearance. The time will come when the sun and lack of rain will show them as brown, brittle and tortured. There are puddles now but that too will change in another month or two and the earth shall be cracked where the puddles were and hoping for any moisture at all.
Shadows play across the valley floor, some of hill and some of cloud. It is beautiful now with a hawk or two floating above. By the time it dies I shall be elsewhere. It seems to be enjoying life while it has it.
When you start a journey, you really have no idea what it's all about. As I look out over this valley, it becomes more of a surety to me that this is not about whether I am David or Don Quixote or whether I am "a muppet or a man." Those were shallow prideful thoughts. This journey is about you and all the other people I meet or read my messages and what they choose to do about me (help or not help), or because of the messages choose to help their neighbor or not. I consider it a privilege to put one foot in front of another bringing my condition and these messages to whomever will consider and respond.
There are a lot of wonderful people along my path. I have much joy on a daily basis. 
Remember the movie "Princess Bride?" Remember the man in black? I was pushing a long hill and I stopped to look back. There was something there. Something in the road that wasn't a car and as I watched it seemed to be gaining. So I pushed ahead to see if I could get to the top before it caught me. Whenever I looked back it seemed closer. Perhaps a struggling cyclist. I beat it to the top (cliff with rope). It wasn't the man in black. It was a sign on a tall post.
Hop-a-long and me saw a "tree of anguish." The gnarled trunk that bespoke of a life of struggle. Hop-a-long quit complaining about our present difficulties.
As the sun was going down I came to a little rest area. Met a young lady riding her bike from Montana to Moab, Utah. I cooked her some chicken and rice on my little stove. It was good to have someone to visit with. There was no overnight camping, so after she left I pushed on for a couple of hours in the dark. I think I saw a sign that said, "Mt. Everest 5 miles ahead." Found a place to get off the road and got to bed about 11:30pm. Saw a prong horned antelope today.

Day 19, May 30th

I never had leg muscles before. Now I have these bulging (relative to before) thigh muscles that for some reason I'm a little fearful of. Sometimes they feel as if they could explode. Is that normal? They don't hurt. It's just that they were never there before and I'm having difficulty getting used to them. If I survive this journey I suspect that my wrestler sons, David and Russell, might have a little more trouble taking the old man down.
I have an aversion to complaint probably because Mom and Dad never did. I feel though that if you're going with me on this journey, you need to feel what I feel. So I'm going to invent an imaginary companion. I'll call Hop-a-long through which I'll describe what I'm going through. So far Hop-a-long has done well. He looks as if he is exhausted at times and at night has some cramping in his hands, but no cramping in his legs. Remarkably his flexibility is increasing in his legs. I would have expected that they would have locked up after 15 plus miles of pushing. Hop-a-long complains of no other maladies lest it be slight dizziness if he doesn't eat and drink enough or lets the sun get to him for too long a period.
Where I parked for the night, I have two dinosaurs for companions. A triceratops and a pigmy, forgot-to-grow Tyrannosaurus Rex. I believe I could whip him on a good day. It's getting close to 4:00pm. I'll be leaving soon.
A lady came over and visited and took some pictures. She gave me 5 dollars. I just went over to the gas station to get some more jelly. The lady was very polite and kind and grateful. Those things make a very big difference to me. I shall pay special attention to them in my interactions with my neighbor.
Left at about 5:00pm after a rain storm and made 16 miles by 8:35pm. Storm and rain all the way but the wind was at my back.

Day 18, May 29th

Up and making breakfast. Having a banana and a peanut butter sandwich. 
Thinking back about Altitude Bike, I know that they could easily have sold me a bike. Jennifer had already asked their help in selecting one. Instead they passed up the profits and considered me instead of the money. I think we all could learn something from Troy and KP and all the other selfless giving people I've met on my journey.
The wind came as from an angry dragon. I was walking when it came. My, my I had to put out a leg and lean into the bike to stay up. The tumble weeds flew by. My visor disappeared forever in the dust. I feared for Laura, that she might go over, but she hung in there. When it was over another began but it must have been a different dragon for the force was not so threatening.
Before the wind I saw a roll of electrical tape in the road. The second wind took off one of my reflector discs. I found the disk and used the tape for repairs.
Stopped for a nap. Made another sandwich and gave the ants a piece. Probably made their day. I think I've escaped a potential dangerous situation. I can only travel until about 1:00pm. Then I have to get out of the sun until about 4:00pm. If I try to push through that window who knows. So I fed the ants and crawled into bed. I'm doing well.
Wandered into Dinosaur, Colorado today 20 minutes before the restaurant closed.

A kind lady gave me 20 dollars during the day with the comment that I hadn't gone very far since she saw me this morning on her way to work. 
I had a nice meal and felt revived. The owner recommended Rabbit Ears Pass and the 14 over to Fort Collins. I believe I'll try that path.
Was stopped on the road today drinking some water when I saw a ground squirrel watching me about 10 ft away. When I started talking to him he wandered off into the grass.
Made 18 miles today.
My brother called today.

Day 17, May 28th

Got up and did some laundry and then some grocery shopping. I've got 120-130 miles to the next grocery store, possibly food source. Waiting for KP to get Laura's wheels greased and brakes adjusted, then I can go. It's been a great stay here. Wonderful people.
Don't know yet if I should go up into Wyoming or just tuck my chin and push over Colorado's higher passes. I'll have a better idea when I get to Craig, Colorado hopefully.
I went into settle my bill with Troy for all the work and extra parts for the bike and house. He said it was his privilege and didn't charge me anything. He and KP did and gave it all for free. Good, good people.
Left the Altitude bike backyard around 4 or 5pm and got 14-15 miles out before finding a flat spot off the highway and settling in for a great nights sleep. Soft breezes through the window and the occasional roar of a vehicle passing in the night.

Day 16, May 27th

Another amazing day. KP rebuilt my bike on his own time. There was no grease in the wheel bearings and the wheels were bent so the brakes rubbed. He says it will be a lot easier to ride now. He game me some extra spokes and a new chain. This man has gone way past what could be expected as has Troy, the owner.

I spent the day moving my axle forward so that the tongue weight is easier on the bike. I had fun.
Troy came and introduced his fiancee and we all went and took a look at Laura. He and his intended moved the house to a place on their lawn so I would be more comfortable. It was fun watching Laura move.
Jennifer kept checking in with me today. She wants me to have a safe journey. If we needed a new bike she told me I would have to spray paint it so it was ugly or it would be stolen. I found a way to do that so in the end the spray paint would come off. There is an undercoat.
Deseret News (Morgan) called again today for more information. I'm really starting to believe this journey is important. Everyday is filled with joy. When the day is over I get to call my family. It's time for that now. I head east tomorrow.