Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 32, June 12th

Hop-a-long had a bad night last night. I think he must have looked back at Sodom as it were and was discouraged about how far we had to go. At the restaurant he asked the waiters if there were any homeless in Walden. She called a man with answers. Wonderful man offered to follow us and be an encouragement clear to Laramie. Rick Cornelison is his name. He offered to buy Hop-a-long's breakfast. When we got out on the road Hop-a-long was feeling glum when a biker came by and stopped. His last name is McCulloch. He gave us bike maps and had ridden from North Carolina himself. He told Hop-a-long he was going to love Kansas. The man was 65 years old and very encouraging. Hoppy perked up. God's hand was there for sure.
P&J and nap time. Made 8 miles so far. Lost some clothes in the wind. Some people went and got them for me. They were very pleased to be able to do that.
The Medicine Horse family (Andrew, Lauren, Tristin and Mikayla) stopped and visited. Had a great conversation. Such nice people. They were coming back from basketball camp. They're from Grand Junction, Colorado.
I'm parked for the night in a flat spot beside the road. The mosquitos and I have an understanding. They stay outside. I have not injured one mosquito and they have not injured me. Saw my second moose this evening.

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