Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 27, June 7th (slowly up the mountain)

Got up at 5:00am and got my 2 miles of pushing in. I'm resting through the heat of the day. Talked with Russell, my son, who is making me an air conditioner for Laura. He put a blanket over a table in Missouri and was sitting in it talking to me in my little house on a mountain in Colorado. There is something amazing about that.
Got out about 100 yards this evening. I'm going to have to eat more. Hop-a-long comes up against a wall of no energy. Tomorrow is the last day of 7% grade. Hop-a-long doesn't enjoy 7% grades. I found some taffy Kevin gave me in Hanna, Utah. What a treat. Some people stopped to check on me today. They gave me water. I lassoed another road marker today.

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