Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 37, June 17th (Fort Collins)

Starting late 7:00am. Going to get a blueberry muffin and orange juice for breakfast. Made it to Fort Collins by 12:00 and had some breakfast at the Forever Open Restaurant. I stop here whenever I'm in Fort Collins.
The Rocky Mountain phase is finished.
I had an amazing day. Traveling through Fort Collins I saw a lady with a shopping cart and asked her if she was homeless. She had a board in her cart that was her bed. This particular person was bitter and had a list of complaints. I went to the library and met 4 other homeless people who had accepted their lot in life. I went to the mission with them for dinner.
They are very polite and thoughtful people. They just couldn't make it with normal life. Sharing and compassion could fix things for them. A lot of people looked Laura over. They were amazed. Laura wouldn't work for anyone in that town. They couldn't hide her. 
I'm 2-3 miles out of town on 14 headed for Ault. I'm going to try for 30 miles tomorrow. My introduction to the plains has been uphill with the wind in my face. Not too encouraging.

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