Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 25, June 5th (Steamboat Springs, Colorado)

Had a nice nights sleep in a field in town. Moved down to a park to relax today. It is on an island between two rivers.
Very peaceful. The library is over a bridge from the park. Will send home the last of the high plains material. I'll start up the mountain tomorrow.
Amazing day. Stopped at a gas station and got an old tire to use as a drag.  Was stopped by a young lady who said she and her friends had seen me between Craig and Steamboat and they all thought I was the cutest thing they'd ever see.  I've reached that age: babies and ancient fellows. I went to Safeway for groceries and a fellow gave me 100 dollars.  Went to a gas station and a fellow gave me 5 dollars. Some workers came over and agreed to take my tire and 3 gallons of water to the summit and leave it by the sign there. Everyday they travel the road I'm going to take to the next town. They offered to put my stuff on their truck and take me there. It's nice to have backup. They gave me phone numbers and 20 dollars. They'll check on me. They are the Gonzales family.
So tell me people aren't wonderful. The gas station owner came out and said I could have anything in the store. I got 2 bottles of orange juice. Now I'm parked beside the road for the night. Start climbing in the morning.
A fellow came and wanted to tell me how Jesus had changed his life. He wanted to put a sticker for the church he was with on Laura. It's the Skateboard Church: a cross above a skateboard. It sits just below the Altitude Cycle sticker on my door.  Reflecting back on yesterday and the lady who told me about the Messianic Jews. Isn't that one of the signs of the times? It would need to happen before Jesus came again; the jews turning to Christ. What a journey I am having, we are having.
A young fox just wandered by (50 ft away). He just ignored me until the cars cleared and he could cross the highway. Beautiful animal with a white tipped tail.

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  1. Colorado Is Beautiful! We Are In South Dakota Right Now. It's Gorgeous Up Here Right Now Too. Hopefully We'll Cross Paths On Our Journey, Devin And I Would Love To See You! Take Care, Especially Across Those Passes! You're Doing A Great Thing :)