Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day 38, June 18th

Pedaled and pushed to 5280 ft and onto Greeley, Colorado. Met Joe today. He is a man that fed me and parked me in the shade. A 21st century good samaritan. He found out where I could find the homeless. Very helpful. 
Found some homeless. I am parked at the Salvation Army. It is raining out and I'm in my home. The homeless have gone to wherever they go. I'm glad I'm not wrapped in a tarp in the middle of a field tonight like one of my new friends, Greg. I met a fellow today who is taking care of a sick lady. He left a while ago carrying all they own over his shoulder. I wonder how they deal with this storm. As these people let me share their lives a little, I find myself changing. I'm so happy I have a family, a place out of the weather, food to eat, and adequate clothing.
Funny thing from when I was in Fort Collins. A lady there, Elizabeth by name, pointed at her bag and told me all she owns is there. She had named her bag Wayne just like I named the house Laura. She was pleased the house had a name.  
These are some of my new friends.

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