Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 30, June 10th

Twenty-seven miles to a hamburger. Been out a month and pretty much on schedule. One more mountain to go. The bikers were fun yesterday. Many assumed I just pedaled my way up that 7% grade with a 250lb trailer behind. I was called everything from hero to stud. I think everyone had fun with it. I probably inspired some to a better performance. After all they were only riding a bike.

¼ inch of ice on Laura at 6:00 this morning. Made 27 miles to Walden, Colorado. The Gonzales family set me up with parking. Had a nice hamburger for dinner. Beautiful country here. The elevation is 8900 ft. Surrounded by snow covered mountains. Reminds me of home. They had 2 ft of snow on Mother's Day. This town is the moose capital of Colorado. Storm coming in. Maybe snow in the morning. Mrs. Jenny Gonzales convinced me to go to Laramie, Wyoming from here. Much better shoulders on the roads in Wyoming. Will be 20 miles longer, but 287 out of Laramie to Fort Collins is all downhill as I remember. I will get a couple of car tires in Laramie to use for a drag. Might be a real comfortable trip with out much stress on the brakes. I can see an end to these mountains now. I love them, but they are tough to navigate.
A thought: Could 'how we treat our neighbor' be the yard stick God will use on judgement day?

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