Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 23, June 3rd

Lazy morning, having a banana and tuna fish in bed (5:51am).
People see me day after day and the number of honks in increasing. Some fellow said he saw me in Roosevelt, to which he commutes daily. I'm sort of a fixture on the highway. People recognize me in restaurants. Roosevelt is 3 1/2 hours from Craig by car.
Went to the visitor's center and learned more about my ride over the mountains and across the plains. Hwy 34 and 36 have good shoulders across the plains.
Went to Mom and Pops Barbecue in Craig. Ordered a milk shake and somebody said, "I'll cover that." He gave me 5 dollars too. The owners made me dinner free. Somebody stopped this morning to give me another 5 dollars.
Made 28 miles today. Getting tired so I'll be stopping soon. Following a river so might have a mosquito or two to deal with. Equipment is doing well. Probably due to KP and Troy at Altitude Bike in Vernal, Utah. Vernal seems a long time ago. One step after another.

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