Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 31, June 11th (Walden)

Slept in until 7:00, gathered my laundry and shower things and headed for breakfast. Library opens at 10:00am so not in a hurry. Tired today like you are when you get somewhere you were pushing for. Maybe go this evening or maybe in the morning. 62 miles to Laramie with a pass in there somewhere. I'm assured it is nothing like Rabbit Ears. One step after another.
A thought: Does 'how we treat our neighbor' determine how our own life goes?
The fellow that brought me back to Laura after the snow storm had been homeless several times in his life. He made an interesting comment. He said that homeless people live minute to minute instead of day to day like the rest of us. Would that be kind of desperate?
I have a theory I'm working on. Because I've been helped by so many people could it be true that it is best to embrace ones neighbor instead of rejecting because he/she has problems. Don't we all have problems? I'm finding myself loving everyone more and more no matter what they are or look like; clean, unclean, nice, ornery whatever. I've lost the rooster in me. I can't be offended. I love people. This journey has been great for me.
I had a fun time at the laundry. I managed to get to be 72 and not know how to do my laundry. I went across the street to see if I could find help and the proprietor was gracious enough to sell me soap and then came over to start the process for me. She said she thought it was kind of cool that I made it through 72 years.

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