Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 29, June 9th (off the mountain)

What a wonderful day today was. Woke up rested and thumbed a ride back to Laura. Nice fellow stopped and gave me some energy bars. When I got back to Laura there was a nice note from the Garcia family and a muffin and Gatorade waiting. The pushing today was short and the downhill long. Got in 16 miles. The whole day there was a bike tour coming at me on the opposite side of the road. Two thousand bikers. I didn't run out of company all day until I left 40 and headed to Walden on 14. Several bikers stopped to talk and give me money. A good easy day. Parked by the road for the night as usual. One more pass (10,000 ft) and the rest is downhill to Fort Collins. There the plains begin. Rabbit Ears Pass cost me a little fat.

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