Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 28, June 8th (the west summit of Rabbit Ears Pass)

Made it to the summit this morning.

Found the tire and water the Gonzales family left me and built a drag. Got about 50 feet and here came the rain. Now it is snowing. I'm warm and comfortable in my little house, but my phone is dead. Patience is a big part of this journey. I have plenty of food and water.
The snow was not heavy so I left the summit. The drag worked great but we soon ran out of downhill so I abandoned the drag. Pushing again. The snow turned to rain. My rain gear has a few holes. As I pushed I got back high enough for snow and it came heavy. Hands got cold and I was soaked. Had no dry clothes left so parked Laura and thumbed a ride back to Steamboat Springs. Riding back I can't believe I pushed Laura that far. One step at a time can really make some distance. The fellow that gave me a ride said this was a one day thing so I'll get a ride back in the morning. Got a sandwich at Subway and a room at the Steamboat Motel. Luxury is called a shower. It's great to be warm. I was worried about the bike brakes stopping Laura on wet pavement, but they did fine. Scraped 1/2 inch of snow off her at one point. Put the water bottles outside before I left in case it froze and burst in the house. I had no idea how long the storm would last. Maybe I should have stayed with Laura. Hop-a-long nearly passed out from cold and hunger. He was happy the second car stopped for us. A Christian man that did a mission in Africa saved our bacon. 

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