Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 21, June 1st

I wrote some books a while back. Getting up in the morning it's odd how often I think of the characters in that series. They are very real to me. Getting up for them must have been much like getting up for me on my journey.
A man that stopped yesterday, stopped again today. He needed to talk about God and did so for a while. I listened and he left feeling good. He have me 10 dollars.
Had an issue with the rear wheel on the bike heating up. the trailer wheels look like the brakes are hard on them. One day at a time. About 9-10 miles to Maybell. The tail wind was so strong today. I had to hold Laura back even while climbing at times.
Got into Maybell and went to the grocery and then to the restaurant. Had a huge hamburger and a milk shake. They said no charge. Went to get a shower at the park and a fellow paid for everything. Another man saw me and my Jesus sign and went home. There he decided he needed to come and talk. Turns out he took a homeless person into his home for 7 months until the person died. He gave me money as well. During the day a couple turned around and came back to give me money. A small girl and a smaller boy came and gave me all the change they'd earned from selling clay fish. They visited for a while. Their grandfather has cancer. I gave the little girl 10 dollars for her grandpa to buy her a gift and asked her to be sure and tell her grandpa that she gave me her fish money. It should make him happy to have such thoughtful grandchildren.
Sun has gone down as I think I'll go to bed. Post Office opens at 9:30am, so I'll send home what I haven't. Made 20 miles today. Laura's a little chubby so I'm going to walk her down hills and save the brakes. She can handle gentle slopes. The world's full of great people. Saw another prong horned antelope today.

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