Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 18, May 29th

Up and making breakfast. Having a banana and a peanut butter sandwich. 
Thinking back about Altitude Bike, I know that they could easily have sold me a bike. Jennifer had already asked their help in selecting one. Instead they passed up the profits and considered me instead of the money. I think we all could learn something from Troy and KP and all the other selfless giving people I've met on my journey.
The wind came as from an angry dragon. I was walking when it came. My, my I had to put out a leg and lean into the bike to stay up. The tumble weeds flew by. My visor disappeared forever in the dust. I feared for Laura, that she might go over, but she hung in there. When it was over another began but it must have been a different dragon for the force was not so threatening.
Before the wind I saw a roll of electrical tape in the road. The second wind took off one of my reflector discs. I found the disk and used the tape for repairs.
Stopped for a nap. Made another sandwich and gave the ants a piece. Probably made their day. I think I've escaped a potential dangerous situation. I can only travel until about 1:00pm. Then I have to get out of the sun until about 4:00pm. If I try to push through that window who knows. So I fed the ants and crawled into bed. I'm doing well.
Wandered into Dinosaur, Colorado today 20 minutes before the restaurant closed.

A kind lady gave me 20 dollars during the day with the comment that I hadn't gone very far since she saw me this morning on her way to work. 
I had a nice meal and felt revived. The owner recommended Rabbit Ears Pass and the 14 over to Fort Collins. I believe I'll try that path.
Was stopped on the road today drinking some water when I saw a ground squirrel watching me about 10 ft away. When I started talking to him he wandered off into the grass.
Made 18 miles today.
My brother called today.

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