Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 17, May 28th

Got up and did some laundry and then some grocery shopping. I've got 120-130 miles to the next grocery store, possibly food source. Waiting for KP to get Laura's wheels greased and brakes adjusted, then I can go. It's been a great stay here. Wonderful people.
Don't know yet if I should go up into Wyoming or just tuck my chin and push over Colorado's higher passes. I'll have a better idea when I get to Craig, Colorado hopefully.
I went into settle my bill with Troy for all the work and extra parts for the bike and house. He said it was his privilege and didn't charge me anything. He and KP did and gave it all for free. Good, good people.
Left the Altitude bike backyard around 4 or 5pm and got 14-15 miles out before finding a flat spot off the highway and settling in for a great nights sleep. Soft breezes through the window and the occasional roar of a vehicle passing in the night.

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