Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 19, May 30th

I never had leg muscles before. Now I have these bulging (relative to before) thigh muscles that for some reason I'm a little fearful of. Sometimes they feel as if they could explode. Is that normal? They don't hurt. It's just that they were never there before and I'm having difficulty getting used to them. If I survive this journey I suspect that my wrestler sons, David and Russell, might have a little more trouble taking the old man down.
I have an aversion to complaint probably because Mom and Dad never did. I feel though that if you're going with me on this journey, you need to feel what I feel. So I'm going to invent an imaginary companion. I'll call Hop-a-long through which I'll describe what I'm going through. So far Hop-a-long has done well. He looks as if he is exhausted at times and at night has some cramping in his hands, but no cramping in his legs. Remarkably his flexibility is increasing in his legs. I would have expected that they would have locked up after 15 plus miles of pushing. Hop-a-long complains of no other maladies lest it be slight dizziness if he doesn't eat and drink enough or lets the sun get to him for too long a period.
Where I parked for the night, I have two dinosaurs for companions. A triceratops and a pigmy, forgot-to-grow Tyrannosaurus Rex. I believe I could whip him on a good day. It's getting close to 4:00pm. I'll be leaving soon.
A lady came over and visited and took some pictures. She gave me 5 dollars. I just went over to the gas station to get some more jelly. The lady was very polite and kind and grateful. Those things make a very big difference to me. I shall pay special attention to them in my interactions with my neighbor.
Left at about 5:00pm after a rain storm and made 16 miles by 8:35pm. Storm and rain all the way but the wind was at my back.

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